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Top Ten Reasons to Attend Loyola’s Fall Open House

Posted on: October 11th, 2012 by Lori Greene

Every college or university hosts campus visit days and/or open houses where you and your family can check out the campus and experience that particular college for yourself. Loyola‘s fall open houses are right around the corner on Saturday, October 20 and Saturday, November 17. If you’re a high school junior or senior, or if you’re thinking about transferring to a new school, you’re invited to sample the Loyola Experience.

There are lots of good reasons to make a campus visit, but here are the Top Ten Reasons to mark your calendar and plan on spending about half a day with us at Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus.

10. You don’t know where to begin in the college selection process.
An open house offers answers to many questions in a period of short time. In a matter of hours, you will learn a lot about a particular university, like Loyola. You’ll also find out about other things that will help in your overall college selection process.

You will learn what questions to ask. You’ll also realize that being on a college campus helps you to get a ‘feel’ about whether or not it may be the right fit for you. You’ll find out how the financial aid process works. And, you’ll get to see how big a dorm room really is.

9. You’re not sure exactly where the campus is located.
You have heard about Loyola and maybe you walked by a portion of the campus, but you just don’t know what that means for you as a potential undergraduate student. Loyola has 4 campuses actually. Our traditional undergraduate experience is hosted at the Lake Shore Campus which has some 45 acres right on Lake Michigan and it’s only a few miles from our Water Tower Campus, located off of N. Michigan Avenue, where students can also take classes (or live). Where are the other two? One is our Maywood Campus where Stritch School of Medicine is located and one is the John Felice Rome Center in Rome, Italy.

8. Visiting during the week is a challenge given your schedule.
We offer regularly scheduled visits any Monday through Saturday. Attend a group presentation and go on a student-led campus tour. But I want to let you know that the Saturday Open House programs are really geared toward helping you in the college selection process—by putting them on a weekend and making sure everyone is on hand to answer your questions.

7. Your Mom and Dad have questions too.
Great! This is exactly why we have so many faculty, staff, and students on hand to make sure that all the details are addressed. Saturdays may work better for your family too!

6. Everyone seems to know their major but you.
First, you don’t have to know your major. Roughly 20% of any incoming freshman class is undecided and many more will change their minds once if not multiple times. Why not take advantage of Loyola’s large department fair where each College/School and their different academic departments are available with current students and top faculty to answer your questions? This happens only twice in the fall!

Want to know more? Sign up for one of Loyola’s upcoming open houses! I’ll be back next week with the remaining top ten reasons to attend an open house.

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