The Other Reason to Choose a College…Your Social Life

The Other Reason to Choose a College…Your Social Life

There are many reasons students end up choosing a college or university. Often, once a student knows that a particular school has his/her major, a desired location, etc., the biggest factor remaining is knowing what the social life will be like.

High school seniors everywhere wonder about what campus life is like at their short list of college choices:

  • What is there to do outside of class and study groups?
  • Which clubs or organizations are similar to those I liked in high school?
  • Which groups are new or present something different for me to try?
  • Are intramurals or club sports popular on campus?
  • Does everyone look forward to basketball season?
  • Will Greek life be a major or minor factor?
  • Do many of the students study abroad and if so, where?

A typical college Web site will attempt to answer all of these questions. But in reality, the best way to get a feel for student life is to plan a visit or attend an open house.

Here at Loyola, our newest students have kicked off their Loyola Experience by settling into college life naturally—just by being on campus and meeting people.

And the opportunities they encounter are abundant and varied. The Student Development division offers programs that range from diversity to leadership development. The Student Organization Fair can really help students get started ‘shopping’ for ideas. Retreat opportunities, such as the Loyola 360 program held out at the Retreat and Ecology Campus, help students connect while thinking about larger issues. There’s also the Meet the Greeks event that helps students learn about Greek life at Loyola and the many sororities and fraternities that are available.

In the end the choice is yours!

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