Tips to Choosing a Major

Tips to Choosing a Major

When I first came to Loyola I had one thing in mind, PRE-MED. Just like everyone else I thought I wanted to be a doctor which meant studying biology. But my journey to what my major now wasn’t smooth. I changed my major 5 times; fromĀ  Biology, to Physics, to Political Science, to Philosophy and finally stuck with Biology and Biophysics. I then added minors in math and art. The fact was I had no clue what I wanted to do when I came to school helped me learn something along the way.

Here’s what I learned:

1 – What would you do for free? – This was something that I really did not take into consideration when I first came to Loyola. Sure money is awesome but you can make money in anything if you really love it and you are good at it.

2 – Take advantage of the Core – If the core is frustrating you might be taking the wrong classes for you or looking at it incorrectly. There is so much offered at Loyola and you should always be able to find something that really sounds interesting.

3 – Move away from the parents – I think this is something everyone should do at least one point in their lives. It’s good to fail or flounder on your own. Through those failures you might find what you love.

4 – Don’t be afraid to take something weird – One of my favorite classes I have taken while attending Loyola was a jewelry making class. It was because of this class that I added my art minor and if anyone is looking at Dentistry I suggest this class.

5 – Follow your heart – If you can wake up happy to go to your classes senior year than you are doing the right things!

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