The Midcollege Crisis

The Midcollege Crisis

Half way through this summer, at the end of July, I turned 20. I was no longer a teenager; I had officially entered into adulthood!

While I was excited to finally take part in the world of grown up perks, I was also a little scared. I was nervous for just how fast time was flying by. Not only was I now 20 years old…I was also halfway through my undergraduate college experience.

Even though I’ve known that I want to be a nurse for years, all of the sudden, I started questioning if I was in the right major, living in the right apartment and making the right choices.

In other words, half way through my college career, I was having a Midcollege Crisis.

I wasn’t the only one.

Amongst almost all of my friends, halfway mark of their college careers, there has been a seed of doubt that sprouts right at that moment when they feel as though they’re past the point of no return. Most of my friends solved their crises with some heart to hearts from friends at Loyola and friends from home.

I had a more…extravagant…solution.

Me with my baby!

You know the stereotype of the 50 year old man who buys a red Ferrari? I guess I’m the 20 year old equivalent of that; i.e. a 20 year old girl who buys herself a beautiful longboard.

Unsurprisingly for anyone who has had the joy of longboarding before, it has been an amazing experience for me. Today, I went by myself for the first time all the way from my apartment at Jarvis to the Devon Market.

It’s funny, because RoPo is a pretty diverse, neighborhood. I was reminded of that today as I rode. A 20something guy who told me, “Keep going! Stay steady!” to the 7 year old boy who asked his mom, “What’s she riding? I want to look that cool!” to the little girl who yelled at her family, “Mira! Mira! La chica!” my ride today reminded me that Loyola is surrounded by a pretty awesome neighborhood that I’m proud to say I live in.

My rides have also given me time to relax and think about all the choices I’m making. And luckily for me, I’ve been able to realize that all of my doubts were really just from the confusing Midcollege Crisis, and that I have absolutely no regrets about any of the decisions I’m making right now.

Well…except for maybe that I’m up at 4 am writing this blog…but that’s a choice I can live with!

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