A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember

This last weekend I decided that for the first time I was going to walk from the Loyola Lake Shore Campus to the Water Tower Campus. I figured it would be quite the hike and now regret the flip flops a little bit but it was definitely worth it.

We started early in the day before it got too hot (and humid) and took the Lake shore path the entire way. It is about a two and a half hour walk. If you have not done it before I highly recommend it, whether it be on bike, roller blades, running or even walking as we did it yields some great views of the city. This way, you can truly see the city from a number of different perspectives.

Better yet, if you veer off the path you can find yourself experiencing a lot of the diversity city has to offer. Taking your own path, you’ll have chances to see Wrigley Field, Lincoln Park and Boys Town.

The best way to see this city is wonder, get lost and see what you stumble on! You’ll rarely be disappointed.

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