Mass At Loyola

Mass At Loyola

I come from a Catholic family and while growing up I usually only went to mass when my mom would force me to wake up on Sunday mornings to go with her. As I grew up and entered my junior year of high school, she began to let me choose whether or not I wanted to go. My weekly attendance dropped a little after that but, for the most part, I continued to go; sometimes, just to make my mom proud of me.

So, when entering college and living on my own for the first time, I kind of expected that I would not attend church regularly. Not that living on my own automatically made me less religious, but I thought that without the encouragement of my mom I would choose to sleep in rather than go to church. Fortunately, I was very wrong.

After starting school I soon learned, to my surprise, that many of the friends that I had made went to church each week. After inquiring about it, I decided to join them the next Sunday, and have continued to go almost every week since.

I found out that the church on campus, Madonna Della Estrada, offers mass three times each Sunday: 10:30, 5:00 pm and 9:00pm. This makes it super easy to find a time that fits into your schedule. The chapel is right next to the IC and the library which makes it perfect on Sunday nights to take a break from studying at the library.

Mass at school is also an awesome experience because I attend it with many of my close friends. It is really cool to see each other in a different light while at mass and is a good way to connect deeper with friends. I love it!

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