Loyola Weekend is a success!

Loyola Weekend is a success!

This past weekend, Loyola’s Lake Shore and Water Tower Campuses welcomed admitted students and their families for our annual spring event—Loyola Weekend. In total, there were approximately 1,200 students and more than 2,200 parents and guests. Loyola faculty, staff, administrators, and students were also on hand to help with campus and residence hall tours, financial aid presentations, learning community presentations, department fairs, student organization fairs and alumni and current student panels. It was a great weekend for everyone involved.

Some of the highlights included hearing from two of our current students at different events. Julia Philips-Roth, a current junior, excited a crowd with one of St. Ignatius’s sayings, “Go forth and set the world on fire.” Many students and parents commented on how they really enjoyed her remarks and what she has achieved already. On Sunday, College of Arts and Sciences majors heard from graduating senior, Wickel Titalom. He was so amazing that I almost couldn’t go back up to the podium when he finished. I got choked up thinking of him not being here at Loyola next year. I guess we have to let him move onto to Cornell for his Master’s in Healthcare Administration. One parent was so kind that she took a moment and came up to shake Wickel’s hand saying that she wanted her child to come to Loyola and be just like him. What a nice compliment!

So here we are, almost a week after the ‘party.’ I saw Julia on Monday walking through Sullivan and Wickel was giving yet another campus tour on Tuesday. Dr. Johnson in pre-health advising pointed out how they were busy all weekend and Dr. Gitelson from political science commented on how wonderful it is to meet some great students who he knows he might have the privilege of teaching in the years to come. A Wednesday meeting with Residence Life staff members showed they were excited to have met so many students and parents as well. The Loyola community is buzzing with excitement over the Class of 2016. It was truly wonderful to meet and talk with so many students (and parents) who are considering becoming a part of the Loyola family.

I want to THANK our entire Loyola community for their support in making an event like Loyola Weekend happen. I also want to THANK our guests. THANK YOU for taking the time to visit Loyola and more importantly, for considering making Loyola your home over the next four years.

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