The Hunger Games from a College Perspective

The Hunger Games from a College Perspective

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This will be a quick post, but I just had to share a thought that occurred to me: pretty much everything you experience during your 4 years at college will be influenced by the fact that you are in college. You are in a unique environment with a very specific subset of people.

Nothing made that more apparent to me than watching “The Hunger Games” with a few friends at a crowded theater last night. There is a theater near Loyola called  the New 400 Theater. In any event, it is a pretty fun place to watch movies because of the largely collegiate atmosphere in the theater.

During the movie there were many moments during which the entire audience cracked up when it was obviously not the filmmaker’s intention for us to do so. It just happened to be the result of a perfect combination of maturity and immaturity in the audience that allowed us to be mature enough to see humor in things that may not have been intended to be so, but immature enough yet to still laugh out loud at them.

Oftentimes 1-2 people would laugh and then the whole theater would follow up by laughing at/with them. At them for being immature enough to laugh at some jokes, with them because, let’s be honest, we still thought they were funny too.

The point I’m making is that seeing everything through a college lens is unavoidable, but nonetheless enjoyable. I know it would have been a very different experience watching the movie in a teen pop crowd than it was with almost entirely college students.

Watch the movie too; you’ll love it.

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