It’s finally happened.  I’ve officially diagnosed myself with a chronic case of senioritis.  Symptoms include: exhaustion, laziness, and general apathy.

The cure: Graduation.

Part of me is greatly saddened by this sudden onset of illness.  In all actuality, I love school!  I normally head to class with enthusiasm, and I don’t really mind homework or projects or anything that has to do with school work.

I’m really trying to pin down the root of the problem, and yet I cannot find the source.  What I do know is that I’m perpetually tired, which is leading me to forget things, then leading me to turn in some minor assignments late, leading me to feel bad about that, leading to me to the conclusion that there might really be a phenomenon known as senioritis.

My plan of action for now is to simply carry on as best I can.  I’ve already calculated that I only have 11 actual days of class left because I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday.  In the grand scheme of things, that’s a ridiculously small number.  Senioritis or not, I can totally handle that!

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