The All-Nighter

The All-Nighter

So as I begin my post, it is exactly 5:45 am. I just pulled my first all-nighter… of my senior year! Last semester, I might have stayed up late, but not in excess of 2 or 3 am.  This is legit. I thought I had left these habits behind. I thought myself wise and mature…

But I am actually exceedingly proud of myself at the moment (well, I guess I could reason that if I did most of this stuff over the weekend, it could have been avoided, but some of this work was not anticipated!).

Point being– I accomplished everything I needed to in order to have a pretty successful day.  I finished up a midterm paper, got an art project done, and did some hard-core studying for another midterm I have this afternoon.

I will be fully honest.  There are two classes I could totally skip today, and I would be perfectly OK.  I could even sleep late!  But I will resist!  I’ve made it this far and I’m feeling pretty decent.  My goal is to stay up for the next couple of hours, get ready for the day and roll out.

I’ll let you know how everything goes.

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