Work Study Pays Off!

Work Study Pays Off!

As part of my financial aid package at Loyola, I was given the opportunity to get a work study job in the neighborhood to bring in some extra $$$. Starting at the beginning of the fall semester, I took on a position as a tutor through an after school program put on by a church in Rogers Park, about a ten minute walk from Loyola’s Lakeshore campus. The job turned out to be more fun than I ever thought— I get paid to play dodgeball, do art projects and help the cutest third graders ever with their multiplication tables. Today we took the kids on a field trip to Warren Park a few miles from campus to go ice skating, my favorite wintertime activity! The weather has been unseasonably warm in the Windy City for the past few days, so it was perfect weather today to skate outdoors. Some of the kids had never skated before. They were nervous and shaky at first, but by the end of the afternoon they had gotten the hang of it! It was so great to see what a blast they were having.

Here are some photos of the excursion today (All were taken by me!)—

A few of the kids leaning on me at the beginning of the trip

Getting the hang of it!

Jorge getting right back up after falling!

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