Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie

If you love sweet potatoes, a smile was just brought to your face. If not, bear with me.

Specialty dishes and desserts made during this time of year bring happiness to everyone. They also force us to make New Years’ resolutions for our new diet and exercise plan. But for now, forget what I just wrote. Let’s linger on the idea of sweet potato pie, sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles, and other cakes and goodies that you just don’t get any other time.

What brought this on?

It is hitting me that the holidays are truly just around the corner. At Loyola, you see Christmas trees and a manger with the wise men making their way. The Web site offers the chance to send e-cards. Joyola was recently held to share the music of the Christmas season. We see students celebrating early for Hanukkah. It is holiday time!

I was imagining being at home with family and started to think about some of our traditions. I will try my hand for a second time at making lefse, a Norwegian specialty my husband’s family makes. I am hoping my mom saves a butter ring (hint…hint) for me to have with some coffee during my visit. I also can’t wait for the annual family Bingo game where we vie for odds-and-ends that we have all donated from around the house to a pile of fun treats for winners. I am getting excited to see everyone to enjoy time together with all of the sweets too!

What are the traditions you look forward to?

Talking with different people in the Admission Office, it varies. One person is heading across the country and just looking forward to a nice steak dinner out. Another is heading home to a Christmas Eve celebration that involves a soup dinner and a dessert that includes a special almond. Yes, if you get the almond, you get to open the first present. I love that one. Someone else mentioned staying here in Chicago and going to the Walnut Room at Macy’s for a special lunch with her mother and sister that has become a bit of a tradition for them. And someone even mentioned their longing for sweet potato pie.

Hopefully, you have the opportunity to celebrate some traditions of your own with family and friends.

Happy holidays!

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