Internship Hunting

Internship Hunting

As part of the journalism curriculum, students must obtain an internship to practice the various reporting skills obtained in the classroom.  As procrastination and I are very good friends, I am now well into my senior year and scrambling to find a sweet internship for the upcoming semester so that I can graduate on time!

The process seemed a bit daunting at first as it requires resume writing, cover letters and writing samples.  Writing samples I had on hand from my coursework, but my resume was very much out of date and I had no cover letter.  I cannot excuse my behavior as Loyola consistently offers resume and cover letter workshops, and often times, professors are more than happy to edit these sorts of documents.  The Career Development Center is a great resource if you need help with writing or revision.  (Word to the wise—Start your resume now!  Add experiences as you gain them, and by the time you graduate, you won’t be hard pressed to remember dates and details of your experiences!)

As I began the quest in search of the perfect internship, I first checked the School of Communication’s internship database, which has postings from most all news organizations in Chicago.  Next, I went to Loyola’s RamblerLink, a very nifty site that has job and internship postings, AND lets you load your resume, cover letters, and writing samples so that you can just pick what organization you want to apply for and send in all your documents, without the hassle of loading them over and over again for each separate application.  RamblerLink is also a great resource to find part-time jobs, work-study jobs and full-time jobs after you graduate.

So now that I’ve settled on a few places, it’s just a matter of hearing back!

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