Tricked or Treated?

Tricked or Treated?

Walk around any college campus right now and you will see the same images you’ve seen in the posters that line the hallways of your high school.

Students meeting up in the quad in between classes. Faculty strolling through campus with their notes and books and perhaps a student in tow asking questions about the last lecture. Bikes are everywhere because it is so nice out right now. Leaves are still falling. Skies are blue. Activities are abundant and final exams are still a comfortable six weeks away.

And just around the corner is one great holiday—HALLOWEEN.

Loyola students, like students on virtually every college campus, are trying to decide ‘what to be’ for Halloween. Will they borrow something to wear? Rent something? Have they searched their closets? Will they even dress up? Will they wear something for the ‘look’ of it or try to make a statement?

At the same time, applications are being reviewed in the admission office as we try to get acceptance letters in the hands of eager high school seniors. Reviewing applications is always exciting. Every year is different and every student is different.

Admission officers are hoping to be ‘treated’ to getting to know the real you. But are you wearing a costume? Does what you’re presenting the admission committee truly represent what you want out of your college experience?

Think about your answer carefully. When choosing a college, you have a lot of choices, but relatively few are going to feel like a good fit. Just because one school is perfect for one of your friends or because a family member is an alum doesn’t mean that a particular school is good for you.

There are many important components in a successful college search, but don’t underestimate the value of honest reflection on what you really want out of your college experience. Think about it like finding the right costume—you have to like it and be comfortable wearing it for the whole night.

I hope your costume choice this Halloween shares your personality and creativity with others. Much in the same way, I hope you realize the admission process is all about you feeling confident in yourself and your eventual college choice and not feeling like you have to ‘trick’ yourself or anyone else along the way.

We’re glad you’re considering Loyola and we’re looking forward to helping you discover if Loyola is the ‘best fit’ for you. Hopefully, you’ll be wearing the maroon and gold for the next four years.

PS: Remember to join us for our Junior Rambler Day Open House this weekend or sign up for one of our two Senior and Transfer Open Houses coming up November 12 and 19!

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