Click “Submit!”

Click “Submit!”

You started, you stalled, and you stopped.

At the Chicago National College Fair this past Monday, an issue came to my attention. Despite a number of conversations with prospective students and parents about academic programs like pre-med, nursing, criminal justice, accounting, journalism, and more, there was one conversation that happened over and over again. And I want to take a moment to dispel this myth.

A number of high school seniors individually shared their interest in applying to Loyola. This was great news as I love to meet students who are thinking that Loyola might be the right fit for them. And besides, the application is free. It takes an average of about 15 minutes to complete and the same application for admission is your scholarship application. It is easy to get started!

The issue: Many seniors commented that they “started” the application, but had not actually “submitted” the application because they are waiting until they have all their credentials (official transcripts, letter(s) of recommendation, etc.) together and/or because they are planning to take another ACT or SAT.

My response:Don’t do that! Click SUBMIT.” There are a few reasons that I want seniors and their parents to understand why it is important to submit the application, even if it isn’t 100% complete.

First, the application is the key credential that really speaks to your interest in Loyola. Once you complete your application, an admission counselor can follow up with you directly and answer any questions you might have and help guide you through the process.

Second, we’ll learn something about your academic and extracurricular interests, so we can send you the information that you will most likely find helpful. It also lets us contact you about upcoming events, where you can visit campus and interact with faculty.

Third, you don’t have to have all of your credentials in at the same time. We will keep you updated on what items are needed to complete your file. We will also update your file when you share new information with us about activities, awards, test scores, and the like.

So, please keep in mind that December 1 is the priority application deadline at Loyola. A student who completes his/her file by this date will receive priority consideration for admission and for merit scholarships. Again, remember that the admission application is your scholarship application!

If you happen to be taking an ACT or SAT later this fall, that is fine. If your file is complete otherwise, we will review your file for admission and merit consideration. We will also revisit your file if you have any new test scores that might impact a merit decision as long as they are submitted by February 1.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Feel free to call our office at 773.508.3075 or e-mail us at Keep in mind that your admission counselor is here to answer questions as they arise.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming open houses: Saturday, November 12 or Saturday, November 19.

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