Month: February 2011

Loyola ‘UN’-Limited in New Student-Led Business Adventures

Loyola ‘UN’-Limited in New Student-Led Business Adventures

One of the great things about university life is the chance to get real world experience in a job that might eventually develop into a lifelong career, or  just finding out if you like a certain type of work and/or are good at it.  High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors all want to know about unique internship experiences that compliment their chosen degree program(s).

Loyola Limited is Loyola University Chicago’s student-run and managed business enterprises. If you haven’t heard about it yet, I encourage you to take a look and learn more about the team behind the name.  Here is a group of Loyola’s entrepreneurial students majoring in everything from international studies to finance to economics to political science to biology.  Together, they run Loyola’s first student-run business, the Loyola Flats, a luxury guesthouse adjacent to the Lake Shore Campus.

So what exactly does this internship experience entail? Look at John Adorno, CEO and Loyola senior from Knoxville, whose southern charm and business savvy help him handle everything from brainstorming about future projects to ensuring water heaters work properly. Another standout student is Patrick Chappell, COO and Loyola senior from Denver, who majors in operations management and history with the goal of going into the wine industry.  Patrick understands the responsibility of being available 24/7 to assist with operations and whatever else it takes to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat visitors. Each of these students dedicate their time to this venture, learning what it takes to build a business from the ground up. Perhaps the best part is they are mentoring younger Loyola students to learn the ropes, they are investigating other business ventures, and they are hiring additional students to work on the project with them.

In general, internships and experiential learning provide opportunities for current Loyola students to explore options within various fields of interest. Loyola’s Career Development Center offers some steps for students getting started in the process. Keep in mind that there are many additional opportunities offered through Loyola’s different academic departments for students interested in all disciplines. When you arrive on campus, be sure to explore all these resources that can help you identify internships and other projects that are a great fit for you.

Dreaming of studying abroad in college? Go to Loyola and Go Global.

Dreaming of studying abroad in college? Go to Loyola and Go Global.

This time of year, the Loyola admission staff members are working with prospective high school juniors and meeting with admitted students who will potentially enroll at Loyola as members of the Class of 2015.  One of the biggest questions at any college fair or during an admitted student appointment is about the opportunity to study abroad.  I love that high school students are tuned in more than ever to the possibility that awaits them to go abroad while in college.  Loyola is an outstanding supporter of students going abroad and offers many options.  Nearly 40% of Loyola undergraduates will do so at some point in their college career.  As the tag reads, “Go Global, Go Loyola.”

It never ceases to amaze me how Loyola builds relationships all over the globe with so many different people.  We have more than 100 programs in 55 countries and students are always excited to think about our very own campus in Rome, the John Felice Rome Center; our connection to the Beijing Center for Chinese Studies; or even our new footprint into Vietnam.

Having just visited the Rome Center, I am pleased to share that the study abroad experience is one that students would love to repeat for an additional semester, and sometimes they do!  I met with current students from Chicago, a small town in Iowa, Indianapolis, Madison, Denver, Honolulu, St. Louis, and elsewhere.  One student was thrilled to hear that business classes will be offered this fall in Rome, so she wants to return in August. Another student will leave Rome at the end of the term, and afterward will visit family in the Ukraine. Studying at the Rome Center allows her to be closer to her family members and she has loved attending classes there, so she may return as well.

As I was preparing to leave, I joined a few students at breakfast who were enjoying their coffee.  It was raining in Rome, which typically slows everything down a bit more, but it didn’t make a difference to the students I was talking to.  One said, “How bad can it be that we have a class ‘Art in the Roman World’ and our biggest concern is catching the 990 bus to Santa Maria Maggiore?”  He is quite right, it isn’t so bad.

P.S. If you are really interested in a diverse study abroad mixed with an opportunity to research check out Loyola’s Ricci Scholars Program!

Parla Italiano?

Parla Italiano?

Do you speak Italian? You don’t have to, but you might want to ask yourself, “Why not start my freshman year in Rome?

The Rome Start program is a chance for incoming freshmen to start their Loyola experience at the John Felice Rome Center in Rome, Italy. For those of you who may not be familiar with Loyola, let alone our Rome campus, Loyola has had a presence there for almost five decades. The campus is nestled in the Monte Mario neighborhood, about a 20 minute bus ride from the heart of Rome.

Rome Start is a new freshman experience for students who will finish high school abroad and are seeking a selective U.S. bachelor’s degree program.  Prospective students have a wide variety of academic interests and are applying from all types of high schools across the globe. Students will spend their first year in Rome soaking up all that the ancient city has to offer, including immersing themselves in Roman culture and connecting with faculty who share their knowledge of business, government, and the arts. Trips throughout Italy and in countries like Poland and Greece will encourage discussion among peers and faculty while building a strong sense of community and a close- knit group of classmates.

Rome Start freshmen will also visit Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus in the fall to explore the city of Chicago. After their first year in Rome, students will complete the last three years of their degree in Chicago, so they will get to experience two distinct facets of the Loyola community.

This coming week, we welcome a group of college counselors to our Rome campus to sample classes, meet with current students, tour the campus, hear from faculty, learn about orientation programming, and more. I can’t wait to hear about their students who are interested in Rome Start. If you are finishing your senior year abroad and are interested, APPLY TODAY! We are currently accepting applications for Loyola’s Class of 2015, with classes starting in August!


P.S. Check out the Rome Campus for yourself!

Spring Into Loyola: Admitted Student Events

Spring Into Loyola: Admitted Student Events

Once again Groundhog Day has come and gone.  Apparently Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, telling us that spring is on its way.  Can it be true?  It seems like it will take us two more weeks just to get rid of all the snow that dropped on the city of Chicago less than 48 hours ago.  Fear not.  ALL IS WELL at Loyola.  Students are making their way to classes as usual, stopping for that cup of coffee or tea to get a quick warm up.

This past weekend was busy as the Undergraduate Admission Office hosted more than 500 guests, admitted students and their families, for a Rambler basketball game on Saturday.  Sunday didn’t disappoint either as our current students helped host almost 100 admitted students overnight on campus.  Monday provided the opportunity for these students to attend classes, meet with faculty, go on a campus tour, see the residence halls, and enjoy lunch.  It was so nice to talk with families visiting from all over the U.S.  One local student from Chicago was amazed that students were visiting from Orlando and Dallas.  I enjoyed talking with a family visiting from Green Bay as we discussed Packer fever for the Super Bowl.  I don’t think that family met one of the Pennsylvania families who seemed to be pretty big Steelers fans, but you never know.  All in all, it was a great event.

Throughout the Spring Semester, the Undergraduate Admission Office looks forward to visiting even more with our admitted students.  The best time for admitted students to visit will be Loyola Weekend, held April 2-3.  Be sure to check your e-mail as the registration site will be up shortly!  Don’t hesitate to come for your own individual visit as well.  Just give us some time and we can be sure to set up a class visit, a meeting with your Admission Counselor, and more.  Also, be sure to keep checking Loyola’s Class of 2015 Facebook group as future classmates and Loyola community members continuously provide updates and share their stories.