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Rid Distractions with Freedom Software

Friday, October 4th, 2013

If you constantly find yourself checking your email, updating your Facebook, reading blogs, shopping online or watching YouTube videos (when you are trying to get important work done) there is hope yet!  With Freedom, a  program available for Mac and PC users, you can set parameters to disable your internet access from 60 seconds up to eight hours.  You can circumvent the time limit you specify by rebooting; though if you have to go through the trouble of rebooting, the idea is that you would wait until your Freedom minutes are up and not cheat.  Freedom software is available for purchase for $10 with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

If you do think that your internet habits could use a little policing but maybe not by completely removing internet access, you might want to check out a free browser plug-in from Firefox called LeechBlock.   With LeechBlock you can choose specific Web sites to block and set times to make the sites unavailable.   Since it might be too difficult for some to part with all digital distractions initially, LeechBlock might be a good entry point into the world of productivity software.

Digitally Manage your Notes with Evernote

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010


Writing out notes and keeping track of all of those bits of paper can be a hard task to manage. Evernote has developed a free digital management system for all of your notes. Evernote incorporates the use of your computer, your mobile devices and the Internet to make your information accessible all of the time. If you are at a meeting or a class and you want to quickly remember the information, you can take a picture of the whiteboard and add it to your notes.  Evernote also has a useful feature that can read text in photographs or handwritten notes to make them easily searchable.  Some other ways to add information are through to-do lists, notes, web selections and voice memos.  Once you have many notes, it is easy to organize them into categories and add tags.


Overall, Evernote is a helpful tool that acts like your own digital file cabinet. If you want to learn more or try it out, visit the Evernote homepage.