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Video Equipped Classrooms

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

While it’s possible to record with Panopto from any campus computer just by bringing in a microphone and/or web cam, there are a number of classrooms equipped to record video, audio, and screen capture with no additional equipment.

In these video equipped rooms, you are able to use controls built into the touch panel to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera right where you want it.  Ceiling microphones will pick up the lecture as well as questions and comments from the class.  For added clarity, there are wireless lapel microphones available to clip on and record high quality audio directly to Panopto.

For more information on using Panopto, along with a list of video equipped classrooms at the Water Tower and Lake Shore Campuses, please visit:

If you have a class or event scheduled in any of these rooms and you’d like an overview of the touch panel controls, camera, and microphone, email, and ITRS staff can schedule a time to meet with you.