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GroupWise Junk Mail Handling

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

For this week’s Tech Tip, we offer important information about the GroupWise email client. The Junk Mail Handling feature in GroupWise enables users to decide what to do with unwanted Internet items including e-mails, appointments, or tasks that are sent to your GroupWise e-mail address. This includes all e-mail, appointments, or tasks where the sender’s address is in the form of,, etc..

Junk Mail Handling does not apply to internal e-mail, appointments, or tasks. Internal items are e-mails, appointments, or tasks where the sender is part of your GroupWise system and the “From” field shows only the name of the sender, not an Internet address as explained above. However, Loyola email addresses that are addressed with the Loyola domain name or the Loyola email domain may be added to the Block or Junk Lists in error by an email user.

If a Loyola email address or the Loyola email domain appears on your Block or Junk Lists you will be at risk of not receiving email from other Faculty, Staff, and Students on the Loyola GroupWise System.

How to Check your Block and Junk Lists

To ensure that you do not have ( email addresses or the domain on your Block or Junk Lists, go to the Tools Menu select Junk Mail Handling… Click on the tabs to select the Block List or Junk List. Search both the Block and Junk lists for any ( addresses and the domain. If you locate a address you will need to redefine it from the list. To redefine the address or domain, select the item from the list then click the Move to Trust button at the top right corner of the Junk Mail Handling window.

For assistance with Junk Mail Handling:

  1. Call: 773-508-7190 (or on campus 4-4444)
  2. E-mail: