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Learning Analytics

Posted on: April 8th, 2019 by twalker1

Learning analytics has become an increasingly hot topic of discussion in higher education. It can be best described as the process of interpreting course data collected from online interactions with content, activities, and other individuals. The goal is to use this information to improve student engagement and learning outcomes in future courses.

ITRS is excited to announce a new learning analytics service for faculty. Beginning this month, faculty can schedule an individual consultation with a Learning Design Engineer to review the Sakai data from a previously taught course using the Statistics tool. The Learning Design Engineer can go over basic functionality of the Statistics tool, including setting criteria, running queries, and saving reports for ongoing use. Once course data has been pulled, the Learning Design Engineer will assist with defining fields, understanding record values, and interpreting report results.

Individual 30-minute consultations are now being offered on Wednesday afternoons at the Lake Shore Campus in IC 204. Services will be expanded to Water Tower and online this summer. To schedule a consultation, send an email to and include your preferred date/time, course title and term, and any additional information that may help the Learning Design Engineer prepare in advance. For more information, please visit Learning Analytics.

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