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Hoonuit, Atomic Learning new online learning framework

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016


Atomic Learning now offers a new learning framework, hoonuit. Hoonuit Online Learning Framework, works to personalize online learning through four components: Learn It, Do It, Share It, and Prove It. Learn It is comprised of the traditional learning videos in which users discover a new concept through watching short videos. Do It then provides an activity that allows the users to practice the concepts they learned. Share It gives the opportunity to share the Do It activity with the Atomic Learning community. This provides users with the chance to share ideas, collaborate and receive feedback. Prove It then takes the users Share It activity to the next level. Users can write a reflection or apply the concept to their daily lives. Hoonuit provides an enhanced and personalized online learning experience that helps simplify instruction and engage learners.


To start using Atomic Learning and hoonuit, simply login at: