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Join the BigBlueButton Pilot

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

BigBlueButton is a web conferencing solution that Loyola is piloting this year. BigBlueButton allows instructors to host class sessions, meetings, or office hours online. Additionally, students are able to enter a BigBlueButton online room without their instructor. Therefore, students have the ability to utilize BigBlueButton rooms for group work at times that are convenient for them.

Within a BigBlueButton room participants and hosts are able to share web cams and microphones, as well as use a chat window for communication. Users have the option to use emojis, a raised hand icon, and an away icon to indicate their thoughts or status during a session.

The presentation window is a space for users to upload documents and presentations that can be annotated during a session. A polling feature is also located in the presentation window and gives instructors the ability to quickly assess student opinion or learning using true/false, yes/no, multiple answer choices, or custom polls.

BigBlueButton provides options for easy access to the meeting room. There is a call-in feature where users can join a meeting with audio and listen to others’ comments. Additionally, users can download the Puffin Browser (version 4.6 or later) and connect to the meeting using an iPad, iPhone, or an Android device. This allows students to access meetings in a manner that is convenient to them.

For more information on participating in the pilot or on BigBlueButton, please visit: