Using Apple TV in the Classroom

Apple TV provides the ability to wirelessly stream or mirror content from a mobile device to a projector. Shared content can include photos, movies, and any other viewable material on a connectable Apple device. Apple TVs have been in demand on campus for several years but it wasn’t until recently, when the 3rd generation model was released, that the device could be secure on the University’s network. Additionally, with the added Bluetooth connection, the latest model of the Apple TV has allowed us to start exploring wireless projections. While we are excited to be using Apple TV in our classrooms, we continue to explore other alternative solutions.

This semester we have nine different classrooms across both campuses that have been equipped with the Apple TV.   Each Apple TV name is set based on its room location and can be discovered by selecting AirPlay from the Control Center from an iOS-compatible device. Once activated, an on-screen pass code will appear, then after entering the code both instructors and students are able to either stream or mirror their content. The Apple TV device is integrated with the classroom touch panel system and has similar functionality to the Blue-ray player.

We are currently seeking additional faculty members to take part in a pilot project to help us explore using Apple TVs in the classroom. If you would like more information or wish to take part in this pilot, please visit our web page at:

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