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NVivo 10 Increased Availability for Fall 2014

Posted on: September 12th, 2014 by lgarvin

There’s good news for qualitative researchers at Loyola! The university has moved from a per seat license to a site license for NVivo 10. All faculty are now eligible to use NVivo. If  you require NVivo 10 and you do not yet have an association to the software on your LUC desktop, email Provide the LUC bar code of your computer in the request for the software.

If you already have NVivo 10 associated to your LUC desktop you should upgrade both the service pack and license by doing the following:

1. In All Programs, click on the Loyola Software icon.
2. Choose Statistical Applications.
3. Under Statistical Applications, click on the NVivo 10 SP5 icon to apply the new license code and Service Pack 5.

Students access to NVivo has increased from one open access lab to three:  CLC 710 and 201 at WTC and the Information Commons, 3rd Floor at LSC. The software can be found under Loyola Software > Statistical Applications > NVivo 10 SP5.


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