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Google Wave

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Google Wave is a new online tool that provides a platform for real-time collaboration and communication. Google has combined features of instant messaging, wikis, email and word processing so that users can work together to create and edit documents called “waves.”  These waves allow any participant to edit any part of the document and there is an option to add pictures, maps or graphics to the document. This tool could be useful for collaborating on group projects, brainstorming, class notes or even planning an event.

Initially Google Wave only released in a limited preview to a select number of participants, but now you can follow this  link to request an invite from Google. It still may take a few days to get a confirmation email though. For more information about Google Wave visit their website or watch a short video from some of the Google developers.

As of August 2010, Google Wave has been shut down.

Blackboard Tip for Faculty: Course Availability

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

How to Make Your Course Available to Students

Remember that students cannot see their course titles in Blackboard, even if they are registered for the course and their name appears on the roster, unless instructors make the course available.  You must manually make the course available in the Course Options settings in the Control Panel; complete instructions are at

For more Blackboard instructions check out the, Blackboard@Loyola Help Resources page.

Record PDF Audio Comments

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Adding audio comments provides a method for instructors to give verbal feedback when grading electronic documents.  The embedded audio features in Adobe Acrobat Professional allow users to record comments directly into a PDF document.  Instructors would need a license of Adobe Acrobat Professional and a computer microphone to convert files to PDF and record audio.  Students would only need the free version of Acrobat Reader to access the commented files.  For more information about purchasing Adobe Acrobat Professional visit ITS’ Technology Purchases page. 

NIU – Using Audio Feedback to Promote Teaching Presence