When you open up your Web browser, you most likely begin surfing the Web by weeding through your bookmarks to find your favorite websites.  With iGoogle, you can easily customize an internet start page that will give you quick access to your Google resources such as Gmail, Google Search and Google Calendar as well as RSS feeds, news headlines, weather forecasts, and much more.  With a personalized iGoogle homepage, you can quickly access all of your favorites and a variety of web tools in one place. 

Getting Started

If you already have a Google account then all you need to do is sign in here.  If you don’t have one, creating an account will give you access to iGoogle and other Google tools such as Gmail, Google Documents and Google Reader.  When you set up your iGoogle start page, you can choose “gadgets,” which are interactive mini-applications that can display your new email, weather, personalized news and more.  You can arrange your gadgets by dragging and dropping them in any order you like on your page and you can customize the look of your page by choosing a Theme.  Your iGoogle page is a convenient tool to keep all of your favorite internet applications in hand.