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Hide Desktop Clutter with Dusty

Posted on: May 7th, 2009 by

If you frequently clutter your Windows desktop with unused applications, then you might want to give Dusty a try. Dusty, a free application for Windows, simulates “dust” to cover items that you are not using on your desktop and taskbar.   The longer you are working in an application you will notice that unused elements on your display become more hidden.  A neat feature is that if you collapse a window, you can see an imprint, just like a when you pick up a book that has been sitting on a dusty table.  Even if you don’t find Dusty to be useful at all, it’s very easy to use and fun to try out. There is a limitation though, it was designed to work with Windows XP and 2000; it does not work properly with Windows Vista or Windows 7.


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