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Enhance your Web Browsing Experience with Firefox Add-ons

Posted on: March 26th, 2009 by

Whether or not you are already using Mozilla Firefox for Web browsing, it’s helpful to know how you can extend Firefox to more precisely meet your needs.  Firefox Add-ons, such as themes and extensions, are small pieces of software that add functionality to Firefox.  Add-ons enable you to customize Firefox’s interface, manage bookmarks on-line, display weather forecasts in your toolbar, and much more. In this week’s tech tip, we’ll provide some information to help get you started as well as recommend a few add-ons that seem impossible to live without.

Getting Started

In order to take advantage of Firefox add-ons, you’ll need to install Mozilla Firefox; if you already have Firefox, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version, found here.  Once you install Firefox, you can visit the Firefox Add-ons page to browse and start installing add-ons.  Keep in mind that you can access preferences, updates, and uninstall add-ons within Firefox by clicking on the Tools menu and selecting Add-ons.  Then just click on the extension or theme that you would like to manage.


Colorful Tabs – With this add-on, each tab is colored a different color.  These vivid colors make it easy to distinguish between tabs and they make your browser look pretty snappy too.

Forecastfox – Get customizable weather forecasts to display in any Firefox toolbar or status bar.

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