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Safely Manage all of your Passwords

Posted on: March 5th, 2009 by

As you know, the best way to maintain control over your privacy online is to create tough passwords that you change on a regular basis. But as the list of your online accounts that require unique logins and passwords grows, it becomes a great challenge to remember them all. If you have over a dozen accounts with passwords and you struggle accounting for them all, you should consider investing in “password management software”, or software that is specifically designed to manage, securely store, and help you use your passwords. With such a tool, you will only have to remember one master password to access the rest of your passwords.


Password Safe (Windows)

Password Safe keeps all your passwords in an encrypted database.

Password Corral (Windows)

Password Corral is another popular freeware password manager for Windows.

Commercial Products

Roboform (Windows) $29.95

Roboform is an advanced password manager and form filler for Internet Explorer and Firefox and is an excellent computing tool. It creates passwords, saves them, stores your login ids and information, and takes the time to fill all of the information on all of those pesky online forms for you. It works as an addon to your browser, but there is also a USB version called Pass2Go.

1passwd (Mac OS X) $39.95

This is the Mac equivalent of Roboform. It stores all of your passwords and forms information within the built-in OS X Keychain.

Tips on Creating a Strong Password

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