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Easily Search for Academic Resources with Google Scholar

Posted on: January 15th, 2009 by

Google Scholar is a free search service that offers the capability to search for scholarly literature across the Web. With Scholar, searchers are able to find peer-reviewed papers, abstracts, and citations from a variety of scholarly organizations such as academic publishers and universities.  Scholar provides the straightforward interface and convenience we’re accustomed to with a Google search. However, the added benefit is that Scholar enables searchers to search against only academic materials. Google has also worked with academic publishers to make some information that is generally protected by subscription barriers available in a Scholar search.  The advantage of this arrangement is that searchers can access abstracts and citation information from a diversity of resources.

While full text articles are occasionally available from Scholar, you may still need to access the complete resource from a library or publisher. In this case, you can take advantage of Loyola Libraries  to help locate the materials you find in a Scholar search. If you use Scholar through the Loyola Libraries web pages or from on-campus, you will get a link to the full text journals available from the LU Libraries.  Scholar can also be customized to link to Loyola holdings. Ask at the Lewis or Cudahy Libraries for assistance with this and other resources.

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