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Send Files to Your Cell Phone

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Emailing attachments is a quick easy way to share files between computers; but what about transferring files from your PC to your cell phone?  Getting email attachments on your phone may not be easy depending on the file size and format — or your phone may not be configured for email. Usually you’ll need a special cable or a Bluetooth configuration to get files from your PC onto your phone. 

Let’s say you want to quickly send a document to a colleague’s cell phone or you want to send a video, picture, or song to your mobile device. is a free Web-based service that allows you to easily send image, music, video and document files from your computer to your cell phone.  When you upload your file it will be automatically converted to a cell phone compatible format, then Beam-it-up-Scotty will send a link to download the file via SMS/text message to the number of the mobile device you specify. 

How it Works

With Beam-it-up-Scotty, you can send a file of almost any type to your phone in three simple steps.  On the website, you’ll need to first locate and upload the file you would like to transfer to your cell phone.  Next, you will choose how you would like to compress the file; you may reduce the size of your audio files and optimize video files for your type of mobile phone.   Last you will need to provide a cell phone number to transfer the file to – did we mention that you can send your files to anyone! 

Take note that in order download the file you send to your mobile device, your phone will need to be configured for Internet access. Additionally, your cell phone has to support .3gp format for video playback and the .mp3 format for audio playback. Also, be aware that your cell phone provider may charge you for file transfer; which should be specified in your contract. Contact your cell phone provider if you have any questions about your phone’s capabilities or service charges. 


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Microsoft Office Templates for Just about Everything

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

1X1Why be satisfied with that old PowerPoint, newsletter, fax, or memo design, when you can get an exciting new one for free from Microsoft!  You can find templates for brochures, calendars, greeting cards, labels, memos, invitations…even floorplans, paper folding projects and tournament brackets!

Just go to the templates page of Microsoft Office’s Website and look under “Browse Templates.”

office templates

Click on the category you are interested in and you will get a list of templates with descriptive information, including which application and version of Office the template is compatible with.   Once you find the template you want and click the Download Now button, the template will open in the corresponding Office application.

You can find templates for Microsoft Office for Mac at the MS Office for Mac.