Compost Collection Network

Given that 40% of food in the US goes uneaten1 and food waste contributes to climate change2, Loyola University Chicago is taking bold action to address food waste by reaching beyond the classroom walls and into the community to advance composting in Chicagoland.

The Compost Collection Network catalyzes businesses and institutions to start commercial composting.

Participating Businesses & Institutions

What We Offer

Through a grant from the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust, Loyola staff and students are able to offer the following:

  • Consultation in choosing a compost hauler
  • Assistance in setting up and maintaining an efficient food scrap collection process
  • Support with compost program launch, including initial staff training, the monitoring of the program to reduce contamination, and education to customers (if needed)
  • Essential supplies such as biodegradable liners, signage, and indoor bins (up to 5)
  • Calculation of environmental benefits such as CO2 reduced
  • 50/50 cost sharing of compost services is possible until early June 2014

Who We Are Seeking

We are looking for businesses and institutions that are interested in participating in a commercial compost program and need technical assistance or resources for compost related supplies.

Eligibility is based upon location and amount of food scraps generated. If you’re interested in signing up, go HERE to complete an interest assessment.

Why Do You Compost?

“Compost is like creating black gold! It feels good to know that my food scraps are not going to the landfill and that I’m putting nutrients back into the soil, which helps grow more  flavor and nutrient rich fruits and vegetables.”— Helen Cameron, co-owner of Uncommon Ground

I care about the future of our food system. By handling food scraps responsibly, I am helping to ensure that future generations have access to the plentiful supply and variety of food that we do.” — Paula Campanio, owner of True Nature Foods


“The number one reason I compost is for my grandkids, so they’ll have a less toxic planet to live on.” — Dan Rosenthal, owner of Trattoria No .10, Poag Mahone’s and the Sopraffina Marketcaffes

Contact Us

If you’re interested, please complete an interest assessment form by clicking HERE.

To learn more, contact Hanh Pham at or (773) 508-8280.