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The World Needs Social Workers

I just returned from spending a week in London. It was interesting to read the local newspapers and it became more interesting once the “riots” began. Whether the article was about economic issues or social issues, the name United States could have been substituted for London or Britain. Of course the entire world is concerned […]

Being in the present

I recently saw the new Woody Allen movie “Midnight in Paris” which shows Paris in all its wonderful glory. One of the subplots had to do with characters wanting to exist in a different past time and place assuming that the past was better than their present. The moral of this subplot by one of […]

End of semester

End of the Semester      Jeanne Sokolec

Wow – it is really hard to believe that it is the end of another school year. Every year they seem to go faster and faster. Having always worked in educational settings, my “internal clock” is an academic clock, so I have always thought that September should be the beginning […]

Healthcare Insurance as a Necessity

We often do not realize the benefits and privileges we have until we need to use them. I didn’t have to think twice when the hospital ER said I needed a CAT scan and later a MRI – Blue Cross would pay for the paramedics, various tests and hospital room for three nights – the […]

“Oldies but Goodies”

I am listening to a “Peter, Paul and Mary” retrospective concert on PBS. For those of you who are not familiar with them, they were a folk singing group who were popular in the 1960’s which were very turbulent times in the U.S. due to the Viet Nam War and civil rights protests.  Among their […]

A Visit to the Freedom Museum in Cincinnati

While I was in Cincinnati last week for the Bachelor Program Directors Meeting, I had the opportunity to visit the Freedom Museum. This museum is dedicated to telling the story of slavery in the United States. We were reminded that since the beginning of time until the present, there have been groups enslaved because of […]

The Complexity of Social Work Education

I was in several conversations last week that highlighted how social work practice has changed in the last thirty years. The values and principles of the profession have not changed, but certainly “where” and “how” we do our work is different. I come from an era of long-term treatment both in outpatient and inpatient settings. […]

The World of Technology

This has been a year of technological “firsts” for me – I bought my first Blackberry, joined Facebook and now am sending out my very first “Blog.”  We keep being told that the world is technological and that young people are using all the various forms of technology and social media. So as a member […]