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Alumni Highlight – Antwan Turpeau, MSW 2011

Antwan Turpeau is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of SYESA and also a LUC MSW alum.  He graduated in 2011 with a specialization in Leadership and Development.  Antwan’s education, coupled with his past experiences, propelled him to be a driving force for this organization. SYESA, which stands for Struggling Youth Equals Successful Adults, was founded to offer support for the lives of those who age out of the foster care system.  SYESA works to give youth the tools, skills, and motivation they need to overcome obstacles they may face after leaving the foster care system, so that they may be successful throughout their lives both personally and professionally.

Antwan’s non-profit is assisted through the participation of another one of the School of Social Works alumni, Thu Vo.  Thu is on the Board of Directors for SYESA, while also filling other positions, including serving as the Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Administrator for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutritional Service.  She is a 2004 MSW graduate

For more information on this wonderful organization and to get involved, please visit www.syesa.com.  Also, SYESA is gearing up for their 1st annual fundraiser at Tanta Restaurant on November 2nd from 1-4pm. For more information on their fundraiser, please visit syesa2013fundraiser.eventbrite.com or www.facebook.com/events/19960133688009.


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