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Never a dull day in the ER for Social Workers

The health care system covers a large sector of the Social Work profession. But when people imagine social workers in such a setting, the often think of someone who deals with cancer patients, or hospice patients. Not many think of a social worker in a Emergency Room, but there certainly are Emergency departments that employ social workers to be on their floors, or at least on-call, to cover various types of cases. 

 A job in the Emergency Room includes the typical services required in the social work field, but it often happens on a much faster pace. It also requires the social worker to work with a very diverse population – from individuals to families, from children to old adults. The role of a social worker here is typically as part of a team of medical professionals in dealing with the cases that come through the Emergency Department.  Here is a current job posting for this position.

 For a first-hand look at one man’s experience working as an ER Social Worker, check out this blog.  Robert Lanz, LCSW writes these stories in truth and modified only for confidentiality purposes.

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