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What does a Family Services Director do?

The Village of Niles is looking for one.  Sounds like a dream social work job, right?   Excellent salary and benefits, providing therapeutic interventions for families, and developing programming.  MSW required!!

What experience and characteristics are needed for a position like this?  The job description calls for strong leadership skills, experience supervising and developing programming, and also a little bit of practice in billing and budgeting.   This position is obviously not for the recent graduate, but it’s something to look forward to as you develop your professional skill set.   If you have this background already, then apply for it!

Other responsibilities include overall administration of the daily operations of Niles Family Services, including clinical supervision of all staff, preparation and implementation of the annual budget, implementation of policy and procedures, communication with the public and coordination with other departments and agencies.  This position also requires attention to emergency community crises work. Qualifications include Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master’s Degree, minimum of five years’ work experience as an Administrator or Clinical Director of a social service/mental health/counseling agency.

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