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Fesitval of Media Arts

Watch 2012 STUDENT Winners BEA Festival of Media Arts
Student Video Competition
Music Video 1st Place: Jake Brusha, Loyola University Chicago Rome Has Fallen -Point Place

After Graduation: Reporting from Kansas

These small towns are where some of the most precious gems, and most exciting news, are often hidden by outsider misconceptions. But journalists must be curious. It is our job to find these stories and give a voice to people who have simply never been asked about their lives before

Question of Habit Premiers

Once you start looking [for women religious in popular culture], they are everywhere. Murphy wanted to make sense of why the U.S. seemed to be the only nation to portray women religious in this way.

Capturing the Continually Changing Web

“The Web tends to feel like an infinitely accessible library, a storehouse of information, waiting to be recalled, rendered and viewed, remixed and reposted,” said Dougherty, “but, in most spaces of the Web, things are continually overwritten, edited, excerpted, and deleted.”

The Making of an Interactive Web-Series

Aaron Greer had a simple idea to fill the void left by television content producers, a Web series that plays into pre-teen boys’ love of the Internet by including viewer generated content and giving users the ability to totally re-cut episodes using the content they upload.

Loyola News Chicago – 3/16/11

A New Loyola News Chicago was filmed on 2/23/11.

Please visit Loyola News Chicago News Channel

Gender in Gaming

It began with Laura Croft in the popular game Tomb Raider. Croft was a win/lose character; she was the first kick-ass female lead character, but she also had an impossible physical figure that angered feminists.

Livingston Award Winner

Loyola graduate and Livingston Award winner, Abbie Boudreau (Communication) is joining ABC News as a correspondent in the Los Angeles Bureau according to ABC News President David Westin. She joins David Wright and Mike Von Fremd as bureau correspondents and will report for all broadcasts and platforms, including “World News with Diane Sawyer,” “Nightline,” […]

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