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AN OFFICIAL BLOGGER OF THE School of Communication

Photojournalism 275-Student Projects

The photojournalism class focuses on training students to observe and depict the social reality by using visual media. Not only do students learn how to visually document the news events and other social issues, but also why a professional photojournalist should be aware of the social responsibility and media ethics

Photography: Between a Hobby and Passion

I’ve also come understand how Malay Muslims look at the world and their community through visual images. It inspires me and reminds me how powerful and comprehensive photography is in making social communication and understanding.

International Photo Festival

Shawna Sellmeyer’s photo from her class’ project “Chronicling a Day in the Life of a Dancer” was selected and shown in a juried exhibition curated by Susan Dooley for the 12th Ping Yao International Photography Festival in China, which ran from September 19 through the 25th.

NAB show 2010

By Jamason Chen

That was almost 2 months ago, my first trip to Las Vegas, the trip I had never thought I’d like to make. But that was an inspiring trip, seeing the “sin” city and the very innovative media technology showcase. This blog is a delayed on-site report what I saw in the show mostly, […]

Augmented Reality (AR) may revitalize print media

Posted by Jamason Chen

ESQUIRE magazine announced its new issue with an embedded augmented reality feature. In the magazine some feature stories have data coded graphics printed along with the story. When you hold the magazine to your computer visual capture device such as a webcam, the pattern recognition software […]

Who is the VII?

This morning when I walked in to the lobby, two students stood in front of the panel of the upcoming photographic exhibition “Our World at War: Photojournalism Beyond the Frontlines”. “Who are these photographers?” “I don’t know any of them.” I stopped and talked to them briefly about the VII and the photographers who […]

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