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Mc Philimy
AN OFFICIAL BLOGGER OF THE School of Communication

It’s getting colder – warm up your networking skills.

You’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again: “it’s all about who you know.” Well, make sure you know someone! We’ve talked before about how the holidays are a great time to network. Since it’s getting colder, what better time to warm up your networking skills?

According to the Career Development Center, 30% of 2010 Loyola […]

Networking Over Eggnog

During this busy time of final papers, exams and group projects, you’re probably dreaming about the holiday break. A month off between semesters should be relaxing, but taking the time to think about your career and prepare for the new year may be the best thing you could do for yourself.

The holidays can be an […]

Brand Yourself Now, Thank Yourself Later

Turkey’s done.  You’ve given thanks.   If you have surrendered to the daily trend of posting gratitude on Facebook, you are still giving thanks.   Either way, past or present, it’s time to start thinking about future you; the you who will submit that last exam, the you who is responsible for finding that first internship or […]

School of Communication Career Week 2013: Save the Date!

Mark your calendar for the annual School of Communication’s Career Week!

Between perfecting your resume and researching companies to picking out the perfect outfit and preparing for interviews, a job search is tough work! Lucky for you, the School of Communication is ready to help.

Whether you’re looking for your first internship, networking and meeting new contacts, […]

SOC Makeover Winners on WGN, in Tribune

Five lucky students won tip-to-toe makeovers as part of the SOC Career Week Fashion event, “Look the Part, Get the Job.”

Where the Internships Are

Internships are everywhere and nowhere. It depends on your perspective and your approach. For a lucky few, internship opportunities fall into their laps; for most students, the process takes time, legwork and diligence.

Staying in Touch After the Internship

You’ve just finished the internship of your dreams. Or maybe it wasn’t all that dreamy. Either way, you are done. The internship is over and you are on to your next big thing. So what’s your best move now?

SOC Career Week

Networking, researching, trying to meet employers, knowing what to do and say…. A job search is hard work. Give yourself an edge by marking your calendar now for the February career events. Participate, benefit and take control of your career and your future.

Network Your Way In

In our high-speed, high-tech, linked-up world, students who have mastered online research and social media sometimes find themselves intimidated by good, old-fashioned networking.

Finding Internships from Rome

It’s a challenge, certainly, to find an internship in the United States while you are studying abroad. But it can be done, and resourceful Loyola students are finding ways to make it happen.

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