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City Life is the Best Life for Communications Majors

By: Jess Livinghouse, Blogger, Spring 2014

I’ll admit, when I decided to come to Loyola for college it was largely because of Chicago and its access to awesome food, live music and all the other exciting things a major city offers.

I’m originally from Indianapolis. It’s an awesome, medium-sized city, but for college I knew that I wanted to go bigger. New York was too expensive and I didn’t want to take a five-hour flight home from L.A. every holiday, so Chicago was the best of both worlds; affordable and only a three-hour bus ride away.

I knew that being in a city would be great for internship opportunities but I didn’t fully realize how much it would impact my academics, especially my communications courses.

In the last few years I’ve had a crazy amount of professionals come speak in my classes. We’ve had everyone from creative directors at Leo Burnett to bloggers from The New York Times to communications professionals from the Sierra Club and Salvation Army.

I’ve also experienced a healthy amount of client work. Last semester my group created an entire public relations campaign for the YWCA Lake County. This semester I’m in another group that’s working on a bicycle safety campaign for the Brain Injury Association of Illinois.

This week, I’m looking forward to getting out of the classroom. My PR writing class is meeting at our professor’s office at GolinHarris in the John Hancock building. My advertising professor will be taking us to Cavalry, the agency he runs. If you’ve seen a Coor’s Light ad in the last few years then you’ve seen Cavalry’s work.

These experiences have been the keystone in my college career. It’s great to have professors with knowledge. But my professors in the School of Communication have taken it to the next level by connecting me with industry professionals, coaching me through client work and taking me behind the scenes at their workplaces, all within blocks of the Water Tower Campus.

About me:

My name is Jess Livinghouse and I’m a senior studying advertising and public relations. I currently work at a local non-profit as a communications assistant. I get excited about live music, trying new food and technology that improves lives. Be sure to check back on the School of Communication blog for my weekly updates!