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Networking Over Eggnog

During this busy time of final papers, exams and group projects, you’re probably dreaming about the holiday break. A month off between semesters should be relaxing, but taking the time to think about your career and prepare for the new year may be the best thing you could do for yourself.

The holidays can be an ideal time to network – think of the family members you haven’t seen in 12 months or the old internship supervisor who may love to hear from you. You never know when your next great contact is around the corner so grab a cup of cheer and network the break away. Consider the following: ways to have a productive break:

  • Take the time to send a thoughtful handwritten note to professors, bosses, internship supervisors , university community leaders, etc. who had an impact on you in the last year. Everyone loves receiving a persona l note, plus building relationships is a great professional skill. Be sure to follow past coworkers on Twitter – engage in conversation, send those relevant links or articles and stay current on the company. Keep coworkers’ emails handy for the future.
  • Put those family get-togethers to good use – that great uncle who works in advertising might be a great person to share a cup of eggnog with. Now is the time to let family and friends know what you’re up to – think of all you’ve done in a year. Update family and friends on your internship success, study abroad experience or what you’re hoping to do in the future.
  • Spend the lazy days between semesters to brush up on your resume, research companies and employers, and update your blog and online portfolio.
  • Reconnect with prior internship supervisors or bosses. Grab lunch with old coworkers or volunteer to help edit a film, promote a big end-of-year event or help out around the office. You’ll get the chance to further develop your skills and leverage your relationship with your employers even further.
  • Take the time to reflect on the past semester. What did you do to further your career or professional development this semester? What could you do better next semester? Make a few goals for yourself – and stick to them.

The School of Communication can help you reach these goals. Stay tuned to this blog for the most up-to-date information regarding Career Week events, the Job & Internship Fair, tips on how to work the room at a career event, giveaways and more! Join the conversation on the SOC Facebook Page (Loyola University Chicago School of Communication) or on Twitter at @Loyola_SoC. We’ll use #SOCCareer to chat about upcoming career events.