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Brand Yourself Now, Thank Yourself Later

Turkey’s done.  You’ve given thanks.   If you have surrendered to the daily trend of posting gratitude on Facebook, you are still giving thanks.   Either way, past or present, it’s time to start thinking about future you; the you who will submit that last exam, the you who is responsible for finding that first internship or job.  That version of you will thank you on Facebook if you get the ball rolling on one simple task: get online and make sure you look like the career-savvy student you are.

You’re a 21st century student in the SOC.  You have a better understanding of the digital world than most of your peers.  While advances in technology have made our world a smaller place, it has allowed your personality to excel in a rapidly growing sea of online users.  You know what you have to do.  Give yourself an edge, stand out, and be presentable.  You will be googled.

You’re in a great position, simply, because you’re you. You know what you’ve accomplished.   Now take it all – your news stories, designs, photos, blogs, and internship projects, everything you’re proud of – and get it out there.  There are some fantastic personal branding sites designed to streamline your web presence. Take a look at a few to see which one fits your profile best, sign up, and update as often as you can.  Here are some free sites to try out:

If you have some cash saved away and you’re not afraid of a little legwork, you can always purchase your own domain on sites like godaddy.com and build yourself from scratch.

Also, remember that you’re surrounded by industry professionals at Loyola, and in February you’ll have the chance to meet with employers face-to-face at Career Week 2013.  Speak to as many of these people as you can, while you can. Show them what you’ve done and ask them how to best showcase it.

In the mean time, continue what you’re doing: snap your photos, write your articles, go to your internships, design your logos, and produce your films.  Just keep the World Wide Web posted.  Future you is counting on it.