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Don’t Settle for a Lame College Job

Working through college is essential. There’s not an employer out there who doesn’t want to see work experience on a recent grad’s resume. For many of us, working is also a financial necessity. I’ve had three different jobs/internship experiences over the last four years, both paid and unpaid. Here’s the rundown on each of them:

Student […]

City Life is the Best Life for Communications Majors

By: Jess Livinghouse, Blogger, Spring 2014

I’ll admit, when I decided to come to Loyola for college it was largely because of Chicago and its access to awesome food, live music and all the other exciting things a major city offers.

I’m originally from Indianapolis. It’s an awesome, medium-sized city, but for college I knew that I […]

Three Reasons College Matters

It’s not hard to learn things in 2014. Almost all the information you could ever need is a Google search and a couple clicks away from the page you’re on right now.

With so much information so easily accessible, why bother shelling out thousands of dollars and spending four years of your life on an undergraduate […]

Communication in China

Communication in China

By: Jess Livinghouse, SOC Blogger, Spring 2014

I will never forget the feeling I had when I woke up my first morning at The Beijing Center. I didn’t have a cell phone or internet connection and I was hungry. But I didn’t know where to find food, let alone how to read a menu once I […]

Outstanding Major Awards: Nominate Yourself!

Outstanding Major Awards: Nominate Yourself!

As part of Loyola University’s Weekend of Excellence, the School of Communication will recognize the work of our students with an Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 11, 2014 from 1 – 3 p.m.

The School of Communication will also host our Annual Honors Reception, recognizing top students in a variety of areas. Applications are available for […]

How To Work A Career Fair

Upgraded. Branded. Demanded.

Ready for the Career & Internship Fair on Tuesday? Spend some time this weekend polishing your resume, doing some research and shining your shoes.  Follow these tips for ultimate success.

Before the Fair:

·        Spend some time combing through your social […]

Upgraded. Branded. Demanded.

Upgraded. Branded. Demanded.

It’s a new year: it’s time to invest in your career – your future is worth it. Loyola University Chicago School of Communication’s Career Week 2014 is designed to put you in the driver’s seat to take control of your career. Join us Jan. 28 – 30 for interactive workshops and events to give you […]

Career Week 2014

Career Week 2014

School of Communication Career Week 2014





The School of Communication announces our annual Career Week […]

Veterans Documentary Screening

Veterans Documentary Screening

This Veterans Day, the School of Communication (SOC) honors our nation’s veterans with a screening of a powerful documentary that chronicles the lives of military personnel. SOC faculty John C.P Goheen and Aaron Greer directed and produced V-DAY 11.11.11, a feature-length award-winning film.

V-DAY 11.11.11 is a nationwide “day in the life” […]

Photojournalism 275-Student Projects

Photojournalism 275-Student Projects

The photojournalism class focuses on training students to observe and depict the social reality by using visual media. Not only do students learn how to visually document the news events and other social issues, but also why a professional photojournalist should be aware of the social responsibility and media ethics