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  • April 10, 2013
  • 1:31 pm

SCPS Faculty Add New Book to Publishing Resume

And with a great title to boot…

Fearless Facilitation is the latest book from SCPS faculty members Cyndi Maxey and Kevin O’Connor focusing on helping people learn what it takes to create and deliver a high-powered presentation that is tailor-made to draw in an audience and get results every time.

Filled with easy-to-implement presentation techniques, the book is designed to appeal to all types of participants. Readers can learn how to break the “fourth wall” (the invisible wall that separates a speaker from the audience) and to engage audiences through dialogue. In addition, the authors show not only how to involve participants in the conversation but also what to do when they grow silent or argumentative.

The Amazon page for Fearless Facilitation includes some fairly effusive praise, including:

“(The book) manifests “fearlessness” by being flexible, willing to try out ideas, and adjusting on the fly… reminds me of Tom Brady reading the defense before the snap and changing the play accordingly. No anxiety, no fluster…just a new plan that looks effortless. …also has the magical ability to pump energy into a group and get them engaged. (Learn the ) relentless use of small, quick group activities, with constantly changing partners, is like a square dance across cultures, yielding powerful insights and ideas that the group produces itself…but wouldn’t have without masterful facilitation. Finally, a model of respect and a “can do” attitude which is infectious.”

Barry Zallen, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts (BCBSMA)

Wow.  Just another example of the quality caliber of the teaching faculty at SCPS.  Congratulations on the book to both of the authors.