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Addressing A Low GPA

So, it’s been twenty (or ten, or even two)¬†years since you’ve been in school. You have decided that you are ready to apply to an evening, adult BA program so you can finish up your undergraduate studies. You can’t remember how many credits you have already earned so you order your transcripts and take a peek back at your educational history.

What you see on your transcript makes you more than a little nervous. Your grades aren’t as high as you remembered. Or, they are just as low as you feared.

This is a story-line not uncommon to returning adult learners. But, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for finishing up a four year degree.

While our admissions committee does look for students with at least a 2.0 GPA on all previous college course-work completed for admission to our BA, or degree completion, programs, admissions decisions are based upon the whole applicant – not just a number. We understand that everyone’s first try at college is not always successful – which is one of the main reasons why Loyola’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) is in existence.

If your GPA is lower than our requirement, there 2 great courses of action you can take.

1) Complete a few courses at a city or community college – earning at least B or better. This shows the admissions committee that you have the ability and maturity necessary and are committed to completing courses successfully.

2) Address your previous GPA in your Statement of Purpose. Explain what was happening in your life when you were in college previously and how it affected your studies. Then, be sure to include why you are more prepared now to be successful. Share your plans on how you will earn excellent grades moving forward.

While we can never guarantee admissions, these two steps are proven tactics to mitigate a low GPA when applying to a BA program in Loyola’s SCPS.