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Project Management Workshop on October 13

On Saturday, October 13 the Institute for Paralegal Studies will be hosting a Basics of Project Management Workshop at the Loyola Water Tower Campus. This 4 hour workshop will introduce you to project management, and the skills required to successfully manage projects. It begins with an introduction explaining why project management is being increasingly used by organizations. Then, participants will break up into teams, and complete a project that illustrates the hands-on issues pertaining to all projects.

The remainder of the workshop will provide students with an overview of the tools and techniques that project managers use in project planning, monitoring, scheduling and control. The workshop will conclude with a discussion about how project management principles and techniques can be applied to the legal environment.

The instructor, Tim Mojonnier, is President of Mojonnier & Associates, a management education and consulting company based in the Chicagoland area. Mr. Mojonnier’s first experience in project management was at FMC Corp., a $3 billion global corporation. There he managed a 5-person project team, developed a project plan, created a project schedule, monitored and controlled performance, and successfully implemented a turnkey business system at the Beverage Equipment Division.

These workshops are open only to alumni or current students of the Institute for Paralegal Studies at Loyola Chicago.

CLICK HERE to read more or to register for the Basics of Project Management Workshop.