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  • February 13, 2012
  • 3:16 pm

Go Roma

In case you missed the email announcement, SCPS is thrilled to be able to offer our students a chance to study at Loyola’s Rome Center this summer.  This has been something the school has been looking to extend to students for some time now and to see it become a reality is only the beginning!

The Rome Center is opening enrollment in their 10-day immersion course this summer to SCPS students.  The course runs from Friday, June 22nd to Sunday, July 1st, and will focus on Italy during WWII.  Even better, the course will actually be for 3-credits, countable on a transcript as either a HIST or elective credit.  You can see more on the course itinerary and objectives here.

For more information on the fees it will take to enroll in the course and additional details on the trip, we’ve set up a special announcement page on the SCPS page at http://luc.edu/scps/resources/summer2012rometrip/ (it’s under the “Resources” tab on the frontpage).  We’ve also scheduled two evening information sessions with one of the course’s co-instructors, Phil O’Connor.  If you’ve got questions about the trip or would like to hear about it first-hand, you can attend either session.  The first is Monday, Feb 20th at 6 PM, and the second is Tuesday, Feb 28th, also at 6 PM.  Both sessions will be in Lewis Towers room 415, and you can RSVP to me at jjoslin@luc.edu to attend.

Go Roma!