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The classroom experience

One of the things that I believe sets Loyola’s SCPS adult degree completion program, the BA in Managerial Arts and Leadership, aside from other programs in the city, is the classroom experience.

As an adjunct faculty member, I’ve experienced our classroom firsthand and can tell you that it is an exciting place to be!

Most SCPS sections are kept small with about 15 to 20 students. This assures that faculty members can really get to know their students and become invested in their success. Our students have the opportunity to get more one-on-one attention than your average undergrad sitting in a lecture hall with 100s of other students. Additionally, with such small classes, class meetings tend to be discussion-based which helps adult students process information and learn more efficiently. We take advantage of the fact that many of our students are experienced businesswomen and businessmen to further enhance learning.

The majority of our classes are scheduled in the evenings 6-10 PM and while that might sound like a long time to be in a classroom, trust me when I say that the time often flies by! With small group work, guest speakers, multi-media presentations, and all-class discussion, I often find myself checking my watch to make sure we keep things moving along so that we have enough time to cover all of our learning objectives for the evening.

If you are a prospective student looking into an SCPS program, I highly encourage you to contact me to set up an in-class observation. You’ll then see what a special thing we have going here in Loyola’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.