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  • March 1, 2011
  • 9:52 am

CMUN to be COMM Fall 2011

Loyola’s School of Communication recently announced a plan to convert all communications courses offered by the University to a new prefix, as well as to renumber/rename most of their courses.  The changes also affect all communication courses offered through SCPS with a start date of Fall 2011.

Starting in the fall, CMUN courses will be listed as COMM, and course numbers will have changed for most courses.  All of the previously offered courses will still exist, but you will find them under their new course numbers.  Announcing the change has already impacted our course listings for Fall in that every CMUN course has been removed in LOCUS and replaced with the new COMM listing.

DO NOT PANIC!  Every communication course SCPS was planning to offer will still be offered, just with the new titles.  The Business Communication concentration for BA students will still exist, made up of the same courses with their new numbers.  All of the changes are described in detail on the School of Communication site.  To make things simple, a list of the impacted SCPS classes is below.

CMUN 101 (Public Speaking & Crit Thinking) = COMM 101
CMUN 150 (Communication Processes) = COMM 150
CMUN 219 (Interpersonal Communication) = COMM 273
CMUN 224 (Organizational Communication) = COMM 277
CMUN 225 (Persuasion) = COMM 268
CMUN 231 (Communication & Conflict Management) = COMM 231
CMUN 237 (Small Group Comm) = COMM 237
CMUN 240 (Intro to Comm & Tech) = COMM 200 (Comm & New Media)
CMUN 251 (Business & Professional Speaking) = COMM 103
CMUN 265 (Public Relations) = COMM 210

The changes are largely cosmetic but if you have any questions or concerns about how this will impact future schedules feel free to email us with your thoughts.  Don’t let a change like this distract you from finishing the Spring semester in strong fashion.