First Year Student Roommate Requests!

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Hey Ramblers!

Just wanted to give you all an update on how you can go about requesting a roommate!  The July 12th deadline to do so is fast approaching, so it’s important that you all know what to do to make sure you get your requests in on time.

What to Do: 

Check your LUC email account and select the message stating which residence hall you will be staying in.  In it there is a link that should take you to the roommate selection page.  If you have trouble finding the email, you can go to then select the “prospective students”  tab, and click “apply from housing.”  From there a link directing you to the roommate request form is present.

You may then enter the name of the roommate you would like to live with, your assigned building, room type, your LUC email, and your requested roommate.  Be sure to make sure that your requested roommate has also requested you as their roommate; as all requests must be mutual!

If this is all done correctly, you will have successfully requested a roommate!

Things to remember:

Both potential roommates must request one another

Both potential roommates must be assigned to the same building

Requests are due by July 12th

Residence Life staff will send an e-mail confirmation


If you have an orientation before the deadline, be sure to meet as many people as you can! You may even find your roommate there!


Best of luck everyone!!



Kieran Murphy



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